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Big Butz BBQ Sauce & Yah Butz in the Woods, presents us with Episode 7, “The Wild Grill”. First, a docudrama as he follows the hunting habits of a wild grill. Then Learn to tame a wild grill and make some Cheesy Squealer Burgers. Think burgers and think inside out bacon cheeseburgers.  Need a use for your KitchenAid grinder? Big Butz has got a great burger to try right here. Be entertained and watch him while he walks you through the process of creating these delightful Cheesy Squealer Burgers.

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“Deep in the Sauce” is the brain child of Big Butz BBQ Sauce & Yah Butz in the Woods, where he discusses many things but mainly BBQ recipes, cooking, product testing, and Homebrewing/winemaking. Visit his site to learn more

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