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Shane Draper and Dylan Lipe are bringing you their take on stuffed mushrooms, for one of the easiest recipes to re-create even if you are not much for cooking. Northwoods stuffed mushrooms get their name from Pitdaddy Outfitters Northwoods seasoning which when combined with utilizes the flavor-boosting power of Ante Up and Double Down are […]


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Shane and Dylan take another classic casserole dish and their unique flavor-infused spin to create what they call a Deconstructed Green Bean Casserole. The perfect side dish to bring to your next potluck, or dinner party. The game-changing ingredient behind these tasty casseroles is Flavor Anonymous Double Down and Ante Up seasonings work in tandem […]


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Who can resist cheesy potatoes? Not us! Grilling potatoes, especially on a charcoal grill, has a distinct flavor that is particularly mouthwatering. We love this Indiana (and Idaho) recipe because it uses three cheeses, bacon, and chives. It’s so good that you’ll keep going back for seconds, thirds, and fourths. Plus, grilled cheese is a […]

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Willingham's Spiced Sauteed Mushrooms

Can’t get enough of Willingham’s Cajun Hot seasoning? Well here is a fantastic recipe for some sauteed mushrooms that comes from the Willingham’s suggestions sheet that comes with all of our shipments. Wash and slice 1 LB of Mushrooms 1/4″ Thick Melt in a skillet: 1 Stick of Margarine or Butter 1 Tablespooon Willingham’s Cajun […]