BBQ Spice comes in all forms of BBQ Rubs, Grilling Seasonings, smoking wood and gourmet salts. BBQ Pro Shop carries competition rubs in various flavors from extra spicy Barbecue rubs to the mild classic or competition style. We believe that BBQ rubs are just the beginning in terms of finding the perfect flavor profile. BBQ Pro Shop also carries Baxter Smoking Woods, Grill Friends Smoking Woods and various ways to spice up your food. We also carry an extensive line of special gourmet sea salts from Coastal Goods.
  1. 17th Street Magic Dust 3 Ozs.

    17th Street Magic Dust 3 Ozs.

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    Mike Mills' Magic Dust 3 Ozs. is the perfect size for the table to use as a condiment. Magic Dust is a very fine grade of spice made especially for 17th Street Barbecue by a Master Spice Maker in Arkansas. Once you've tried it on your ribs, you'll want to put it on just about anything. It's great mixed in with your favorite baked beans, chili.. just about anything you want to give a little kick to. Learn More

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