Grill Friends Wood

Grill Friends line of cedar planks, smoking woods and cedar grilling wraps are of the highest quality. Grill Friends Cedar, Pecan and Hickory Planks come in different sizes. Grill Friends Smoking Woods are a brand new product and it wasn't until now that Elizabeth Karmel found just the right mix. The best way to spice up your cooking is with authentic wood smoking chips. Pecan is the griller’s choice, for steaks, beef and game. Grill Friends smoking wood is American grown in organic and sustainable forests. The packaging is designed to be simple to be used for one cook and contains two cups of smoking chips. Moisten chips right inside the bag that they come in and put directly on coals or use the Grill Friends' Reusable Black Steel Smoker Box (sold separately). These chips are part of a line of new wood products from Elizabeth Karmel.